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Willie nelson keith richards

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How are you? KR: What are you doing up this time of night, old boy? KR: Yeah, that does take a lot of midnight oil! GT: Hell, yeah, it takes a long time. What are you up to? KR: I just got into Portland out of Seattle.

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It ends up with Merle working with us in a few weeks time in Texas. I thought it was a very bold move, and then I found out that Johnny Cash has been living in Jamaica for years, and round the corner from me.

Keith richards talks about willie nelson

Related Posts. Possibly we would. What are you up to? You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. I always admire him because…. He should be President, I think! But, em, Willie sort of cracked into my perception, I started to richarss these songs first….

Just taking it and seeing where he ends up. About time they got their money back — Willie agreed with me I think. Keith Richards, left, and Willie Nelson perform at the “Sing Me Back Home: The Music of Merle Haggard” tribute concert on April 6,in.

Watch keith richards and willie nelson perform together during tribute concert

Do you remember that? GT: Last time I spoke to him he said he was making six albums — at the same time! He has to save all those small farms. Willie Nelson, Keith Richards, Hank Williams III, and Ryan Adams teamed up to give us an incredible remake of the Rolling Stones' classic. GT: Did you listen to that reggae album he made? Willie is a great magnet. I admire excel geek. Willie Nelson and Friends Ina live album was released by Nelson where he invited friends from country music and other genres to perform.

Covers of “dead flowers”

How are you? I mean, brilliantly. The Grizzle, and all that crap. GT: Hell, yeah, it takes a long time. I knew nothing about his character, I just heard these very interesting songs coming out of this guy called Nelson. Same rivhards All right. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site.

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Which is hard to find in this day and age and this world we live in. I mean nobody else could play like that. KR: Pleasure, Graeme.

Jagger said in an interview that the song fits Richards more than him. GT: How much time do you spend there? In your case what is it that keeps you out there? When backpage reidsville you first become aware of him? Is that cool?

Willie nelson and friends cover the rolling stones’ classic “dead flowers”

KR: Oh, absolutely — and always good stuff. KR: As much as I can. All kinds of different music.

KR: Yeah, going wwillie well, man. KR: You can use it in any way you like. GT: I shall, and thanks for your time Keith. A real love for the soil of the land and a feel for it, more than waving stars and stripes and all that crap. And give my regards to Willie, all right?

I mean, look at the state of the guitar for Chrissakes! I think….

Willie nelson and friends

I think the first time I worked with him he asked me to come up to that casino somewhere in Connecticut, where the Indians are running the t. KR: I dunno.

Country and rock seem to be the perfect combination! GT: I know.

Willie and I have been pretty well grizzled and we kind of find ourselves in a weird way — which is really amazing coming from where we come from, totally different places — I feel at home with Willie. GT: Do you know his band very well, have you met those guys? But Willie can pull together like Norah Jones…. Women need attention could ask Willie that one!