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YouTube is an excellent resource for just about anything. For bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and health junkies, it serves as free classes. You can come in anytime you want, be it morning, afternoon, or night. It can fit anybody’s schedule.

But with the number of YouTube channels out there focused on bodybuilding and fitness, you may find it hard to choose just where to get started.

Here are some of the best fitness-related YouTube channels out there for men and women.

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Top 5 YouTube Channels for Guys

1. BeFit

BeFit happens to be one of the most popular fitness-related channels. Well-reviewed all over the internet because of their workout videos, this YouTube channel is the one you need if you’re just starting out. This channel includes videos where you join a “class” (aka a number of fellow athletes) as you follow a trainer through an exercise. Just read the description of what kind of workout is in the title.

They have cardio, weightlifting, and even dance training lesions. You’ll easily find something interesting.


2. FitnessBlender

Another popular channel that features trainers who instruct you depending on your specific goals, FitnessBlender’s videos look slightly less professional compared to BeFit. But this actually works as an advantage, because their videos are not as intimidating for newcomers.

FitnessBlender shows you variations of the same exercise, both lighter and harder versions, so you can adjust it to your needs. It also features a timer that lets you keep track of how long you need to do a certain exercise.


3. Bradley Martyn

With more than 1 million subscribers, you can tell that this is a guy that knows exactly what he’s talking about. While BeFit and FitnessBlender provides various types of exercises for all-around fitness, Bradley Martyn might appeal to bodybuilders in particular.

He’s all about getting stronger, getting shredded, and shedding off those extra pounds. You might need your own equipment for some of these exercises, but at least you’ll know what to do when you hit the gym again.


4. Six Pack Abs

From that channel name alone, people are surely going to come watch their videos. What’s great about this channel is that it speaks a little about theory before putting it to practice. This way, you can get some general info regarding an exercise before you go and actually do it.

The host’s friendly demeanor also helps his classes get less intimidating.


5. The Hodgetwins

Who says exercise and fitness should be a dull affair? The Hodgetwins are entrepreneurs that share personal advice and reviews, aside from the workout tips they present in a hilarious way. Their sense of humor almost completely distracts you from how hard the workouts are.


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