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Benefits of PCT :

  • Helps Keep Natural Test Levels in Balance
  • Protects from “Less-manly” Side Effects of Higher Estrogen Levels
  • Support Your Entire Body Post Cycle
  • Helps Liver, Heart, and Organ Function
  • Great Prostate Support Aid
  • Maintains Gains While You're off Cycle
  • Eliminates Excess Bloating and Retention
  • Achieve a Much Harder and Leaner Look

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Post Cycle Therapy supplements – usually simply referred to as PCT – are taken after a cycle to keep the natural hormonal levels of the body in check, particularly when it comes to testosterone and testosterone drop off. This being said, it helps protect from seeing the kind of side effects one would associate with higher levels of estrogen in the body.
The PCT available from Olympic Labz offers further benefit than maintaining testosterone levels and it works to help your entire body while off cycle. PCT will help keep your liver, heart and organs working their best, which helps recovery on a variety of levels. It also works great in supporting and maintaining a healthy prostate. However, one of the biggest benefits that our PCT offers is to help maintain gains while off cycle and promoting a lean look through eliminating water retention and unwanted bloating.
Not intended for human consumption. This product is for research purposes only and should only be used in a professional lab setting. This product is not intended or guaranteed to cure, treat or heal any injury or disease.


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