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Arachidonic Acid


Benefits of Arachidonic Acid:

  • Builds Muscle
  • Break through Typical Athletic Plateaus
  • Helps Decrease Muscle Recovery Time
  • Finish More Sets and Longer Reps
  • Pack on Muscle Quickly and Efficiently
  • Reduces Fatigue to Increase Speed You Build Muscle
  • Prevents Over-training by Providing the Essential Nutrients You Need

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Arachidonic Acid as a supplement offers a variety of benefits for those who lift hard and push themselves at every opportunity. It not only helps to build muscle, but it often is the springboard needed to break through training plateaus that may have been a hindrance in the past. It does this through packing on muscle more efficiently over a shorter period of time.
However, unlike the anabolic effects of many supplements available, Arachidonic Acid serves as an alternative to the alternative, so to speak. You see, Arachidonic Acid uses the body’s natural inflammation of the muscles to decrease recovery times and prevent over training. That being said, it also helps to get in more sets and go for more and more reps.
Not intended for human consumption. This product is for research purposes only and should only be used in a professional lab setting. This product is not intended or guaranteed to cure, treat or heal any injury or disease.


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