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Have you ever heard of the term anabolic training? Not everyone knows what it is or how to do it. Some athletes and bodybuilders have never even heard of it.

In this article we will be discussing anabolic training, anabolic weight lifting, and a few workouts that you should try.


What is Anabolic Weight Lifting?

It’s the term that’s unfamiliar—but we’re sure you know what anabolic weight lifting actually is. It’s just another way to refer to strength training. Anabolic training is all about overloading the muscle groups so they can grow as you rest in between workout sessions.

It allows the body to release certain hormones into your system, to make your strength training more efficient.

Anabolic weight lifting comes in many different forms. You don’t even have to go to the gym to get some strength training. If you happen to have a heavy-duty occupation—for example, working in construction—then your strength is certainly increasing.

The difference is that you’re not limited to lifting heavy weights when you’re at the gym. You’re free to use resistance machines as well as free weights.

Remember that when you’re undergoing strength training, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and get enough sleep. This is the only way to restore the muscles you’ve broken down. With the help of protein-rich meals and a good night’s sleep, your muscles can recover more quickly. In the end, you will become stronger and look healthier.


Comparison with Catabolic Exercise

Anabolic weight lifting is all about building muscles. Catabolic exercises, on the other hand, are focused on breaking them down. Which one you should choose ultimately depends on your fitness goals.

If you want to become slimmer, or if you want to tone your body, then catabolic exercises may be right for you. Catabolic training includes long and strenuous workouts. One example is running a marathon. It could break down muscles because the body converts it into energy.

For those of you who want to build muscles, here are a few of the best anabolic weight lifting exercises that you can try.


For Your Legs: Squats

They were being serious when they told you never to skip leg day. And if it is leg day, you better do it right. Squats are great for building stronger legs—just make sure you do them properly. Technique is everything.

Arch your back before and while picking the weight up, and keep this form while putting it back on the rack. Maintain proper form by keeping your hard back during the movement.


For Your Chest: Bench Press

During a bench press, make sure you’re not dropping the weight on your chest. Also try not to lift your butt as you do it. And as much as possible, do not squirm on the bench.

If it’s too difficult, you’re probably loading too much weight. Choose the right weight for you, carefully lower it down to your chest, and then push up slightly to get into the groove.


For Overall Strength: Deadlifts

Deadlifts can be done at any point during the workout session. It builds thickness in the back, and strengthens your leg muscles.

You can do it later in the workout after you’ve warmed up, or you can make it your first exercise while you still have lots of energy.


SARMs for Increased Effectiveness

To really get the most out of your anabolic workouts, we offer a variety of SARMs for you to choose from. For building muscle, we recommend our RAD 140 or the Gold Stack.

Make use of these three anabolic exercises, follow them up with a nutritious meal, and you’ll be building bigger, stronger muscles in no time.



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