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Both SARMs and CrossFit are becoming more popular these days. Fitness enthusiasts, health experts, athletes, and bodybuilders may have heard of these terms before, especially CrossFit.

What do we know about CrossFit and what makes it different from other fitness programs? What do we know about SARMs and how are they different from steroids?

Most importantly, how are these two concepts related? Is it possible to use SARMs for CrossFit? And is it true that SARMs can help increase your muscular endurance?

We will answer these questions today.


SARMs Overview

SARMs or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators can provide the boost you need to get through your intense workouts. They are similar to steroids, except they don’t have any of the nasty side effects if you use them in moderation. SARMs are also legal.

Do take note that SARMs are still considered performance enhancers, so even if they are legal, you can’t use them if you’re a professional or student athlete.

Otherwise, you can use SARMs to boost your physical endurance. It can even help people who want to try out CrossFit—because that fitness program is all about endurance.

But SARMs aren’t just endurance boosters. They also increase your strength and recovery time. It’s different from steroids because it doesn’t attach itself to every cell it could find. Instead, it only attaches to bone and muscle cells, in order to give you the extra strength you need.

It may have properties similar to anabolic agents, but they are much safer compared to steroids, which are illegal due to their health risks. With the right SARMs product, you can enhance your performance and increase your muscular endurance for programs like CrossFit.


CrossFit Overview

Crossfit is an intense conditioning program. It consists of many different disciplines, and is unique in the way it shifts around different functional movements. The intensity remains high regardless of the variations.

These changes force the body to adapt. It encourages you to become stronger, faster, and more enduring. Mastering this program will make you more fit overall.

A standard Crossfit class will typically include one warm-up, one skill development segment, one “workout of the day,” and a period dedicated to stretching. The workout of the day segment is usually a high intensity exercise. One example is the “wall walk,” which involves doing a handstand in order to strengthen the core and shoulders.

Some CrossFit gyms even encourage friendly competition by ranking the individual scores for WOD.


With the high intensity workouts promoted by CrossFit, it’s no wonder many people need a little boost. You can get this performance boost from SARMs. Talk to your doctor today and ask the recommended daily dose for you!


And if you want to get the best SARMs in the market, try the ones from Olympic Labz! We offer various kinds of SARMs including RAD 140, which is great for boosting speed, stamina, and endurance.

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