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The One Rep Max (1RM), is also known as the ultimate test of strength. Most bodybuilders work hard to increase it—they always want to improve those numbers. But what exactly is it? And what do Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (or SARMs) have to do with it?

In this article, we’re going to answer those questions.


What is the One Rep Max?

The One Rep Max refers to the maximum weight you can lift on a particular exercise, for only one rep. It serves as a good measure of strength, as you can easily keep track of this number just by noting it.

You can measure your One Rep Max for any given exercise. This way, you will know which workouts you are weak in, and which one you’re already performing well in. However, there are certain exercises that are better suited for the One Rep Max. For example, military press, bench press, deadlifts, and barbell curls are all great workouts for measuring One Rep Max.

Knowing your 1RM can help you get started toward improving your training.

One Rep Max is calculated using the amount of weight you lift and the number of reps you did for a certain exercise. The formula for the upper body 1RM is: (4.6RM X 1.1307) + 0.6998. As for the lower body, the formula is (4-6RM x 1.09703) + 14.2546.

There are also online calculators for 1RM to make it easier.

There is a variation of the One Rep Max called the Ten Rep Max, which is exactly what the name implies. It’s the maximum amount of weight you can lift for ten reps.


What are SARMs?

We’ll say it right off the bat: SARMs are performance enhancers. This means they are prohibited in professional sports, so don’t take them if you’re an athlete looking to make it big.

That said, SARMs are similar to steroids, only safer. They work in the same way: these supplements can improve your physical performance. They can help make you stronger; eliminate fat; promote muscle growth; increase your recovery time. SARMs can give you all of these benefits without the harmful side effects of steroids.

Steroids attach to all the cells they find. This puts your body on overdrive, producing a variety of unwanted side effects. SARMS, on the other hand, only attach to muscle and bone cells to improve their function.

While SARMs are legal, they are not without their disadvantages. If misused, they can still produce adverse effects. Make sure you ask your doctor if you plan on taking SARMs yourself.


Will SARMs Increase Your One Rep Max?

Only hard work, patience, and determination can improve your One Rep Max—but SARMs like the effective RAD 140 will give you the extra boost you need to achieve it. You will still need to eat healthy, and you will still need to train very hard and lift heavier weights. But with SARMs, you’ll find that doing so is much easier than you thought possible with a legal product.

Most fitness junkies and bodybuilders feel like they can always improve in certain aspects. One Rep Max helps you keep track of the areas where you can still improve in, and SARMs can help you get there.

Keep practicing and train consistently in the higher rep ranges. You’ll increase your One Rep Max in no time.

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