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Gikon wuvs you

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Gikon wuvs you

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I like a spinner and she kinda reminded me of Pensatucky on orange is the new black so I way why not take the SS for a spin. Great on the phone and replying to texts.

Age: 47
Relationship Status: Mistress
Seeking: I Am Looking Men
City: River North, Jesup
Hair: Blue & black
Relation Type: Married Horny Searching Woman Ass

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I think of two things every time I see that location. I like a spinner and she kinda reminded me of Pensatucky on orange is the new black so Yyou way why not take the SS for a spin.

We proceed to a lackluster BJ and then mish. Funny huh?

Anyone seen her over this area? Guys I wish I had nothing to lose sometimes or at least hikon burner phone that couldn't be traced. Fortunately, most seem to be honest posters just helping one another manscaping chicago I salute you. Good luck and be careful with which posters you trust.

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All I need is confirmation from someone who visited her so I can know for sure either way. Demanded your money back? Just passing this on. Anyways if you would like to help out her family and show your support donations would be highly appreciated!

But what am I going to go to jail over 60 bucks and lose my job and be embarassed in front of the fam? Uncle LEO for obvious reasons but I also don't want no ratchet pimp's property as I prefer independents.

No one could figure out the password to this or her until now. Of course.

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Any help and wisdom is greatly appreciated. I was friends with Gikon Amanda and I sadly have to inform you all that she passed away in wuve accident. She delivered and, in my judgment, at a discounted price.

Or am I being paranoid? Like they were made and written by the same one or two people. Anyone try her yet?

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She runs it out to some dude who I never saw and comes back. Overall the most disappointing experience I've ever had on BP or the streets. A friend told me when he went to dine, wubs clams smelled foul!! She delivered both, albeit while on the rag whether inadvertantly or not. Get to her door and had to wait a few.

I have no experience but if true glad I found out beforehand. Boycott her fellas.

Redhead gikon

Grow up, bro. Great on the phone and replying to texts. You can send donations via paypal by clicking below:. BTW on the way out Yoh made a half hearted threat that somehow only made me feel worse.

We crawl (and highly recommend)

Daty and fcs, no kising though. I pull out to switch and it was blood on my member!

You will experience much worse in pursuit of this hobby of ours. Any money obtained went to her family and any future donations will go to her family as well. Let me see if I understand your experience. I'll let you know what happens. Hi, new to the forums but not new to the hobby.

gikpn You freaked out upon discovering her condition and then. Both are deterrents for me. Nervous cause she's on a decent street but her house looks like ca ca so the neighbors are probably watching. Of course "the guy" had already left. I know a lot of guys say the uncle LEO frequents that area! Important Notice!

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She had some crappy rock pics on the wall. However, there's always one place that my instincts tell me to be wary of. Can anyone definitively confirm my suspicions? Shoulda grabbed a few and ebayed those bastards to recoup my losses. She shows me the boobs and the pubes and I hand over 60 bucks. I freak out and she's like offended saying its no big gukon.