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Craftsman planes

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Craftsman planes

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These are separate from the tool donations that I wrote about in my post. While the Craftsman name is not typically associated with quality tools today, the same cannot always be said for many of their older tools.

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The only way to remove it would be to file off the peened section of the rivet.


That is the question. The parts that were soaking in the rust remover were allowed to soak overnight. Currently, I have only documented Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Regardless of who makes a particular plane, there are some things to look for that will identify the plane as craftman quality tool. Sargent No. But upon inspection, the rust looks to fwb dating site be on the surface and the pitting looks minor enough lpanes warrant further work. These are separate from the tool donations that I wrote about in my post. For light oil and grime, I just take the parts to the kitchen sink and give them a good scrub with dish detergent and a stiff nylon bristle brush from the dollar store.

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So the first step is to disassemble as much of the tool as easily possible. A large flat bed — The later planes had recesses machined into their frogs to make creating a flat surface easier. The features that make this plane a good candidate for restoring into a quality user have nothing to do with the name cast into the lever cap. Do I manscaping chicago want to put this plane back to work, or do I go a step further and make it pretty again?

A soft wire wheel can help quickly remove dirt and oxidation, but care must be taken not to scratch softer metals like brass. Germany, imported under the Fulton brand in size 4, 6 only.

The good quality castings all have a more solid look to them. Does the depth adjuster knob craftsmam Removing the adjusting yoke from the frog may seem like an intimidating part of the disassembly, but with an inexpensive punch, the pin drives right out and you can easily remove the yoke for inspection and cleaning.

Wire wheels get a bad reputation if you ask me. I look at the iron set and make sure they are proper for the plane.

"craftsman no.4 smooth bench plane planes"

In this case, as in randall b isenberg of these planes the lateral adjuster is firmly riveted to the frog. The trick it to go easy and just let the tips of the wheel do their job with the minimum amount of pressure necessary to remove the oxidation, but not any of the good metal. Stained hardwood was, again, a cost saving measure and, in my mind, represents a lower quality tool.

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Sure they may function just the same, but they were nothing more than a cost saving measure and represent a time when hand tool quality was steadily declining. Minor pits in the iron body are usually only a cosmetic problem.

I like the large flat frog plznes see photo below. If the plane were oily or greasy at all, the first thing I transexual hotties do is to wash all the parts thoroughly. If cdaftsman plane has the wrong chipbreaker, the adjusting yoke may not be able to advance the iron through the mouth, or retract it for that matter. The Craftsman bench plane line last appeared in the Spring catalog with only a 4 size smoother plane available.

Not all sizes offered during the entire era Fulton iron bench richmond indiana escorts smooth bottom 2- 8 Fulton iron cdaftsman planes corrugated bottom 2- 8 Fulton iron bench planes manufactured in W. As long as the plane is functionally in good shape, most problems with dirt, grime and rust can be remedied. Avoid wheels with bristles that are not easily bent by hand.

While the Craftsman name is not typically associated with quality tools today, the same cannot always be said for many of their older tools. This one adjusts like a Stanley i.

To soak, or not to soak? Hope that helps!

Some interesting old advertisements. Rosewood tote and knob — All the best older hand planes used rosewood for their totes and knobs. Does the lateral adjuster work?

This particular plane could have been made by any of companies that Sears pkanes business with over the years, including Stanley, Sargent, and Millers Falls. I removed them in the morning, rinsed them off in clean water, and then took them to the wire wheel as well to take care of any oxidation that remained after the soak. I try to get everything off if I can. Millers falls No. This example looks pretty hideous at first glance.

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But speed comes at a cost. You need to have a soft touch when using these methods to avoid overdoing it. A Craftsman 8 size ter plane was never offered.

All clean and ready for reassembly…or is it? Can I remove the lever cap? But I look for something that feels like it has some weight. I have a craftsman bench smoothing plane, item With everything disassembled, I look all the parts over carefully and cravtsman a decision on next steps.