Gaining Muscle without Getting Fat: Should You Go for Chicken or Beef?

Working out isn’t the only thing you need to do in order to get fit and healthy. You need to watch what you eat too. Diet and nutrition are just as important when it comes to achieving the body you want.

And the goal isn’t just building a toned set of abs either—we need to consider these things if we want to stay healthy and live longer, happier lives.

Fitness junkies, health experts, and athletes alike are always trying to find the best ways to get fit and healthy. They approach their diet with utmost care to make sure they’re eating the right things—and so should you!

You don’t have to be a health fanatic to know that some food items are simply better at providing specific nutrients. And in order to find out which foods contain the best amounts of nutrients, we sometimes need to pit one item against another.

Today, we’re putting chicken against beef. Which one should bodybuilders eat if they want to gain muscle without getting fat? Let’s compare and contrast these two protein-rich foods.


The Case for Chicken

Chicken is easily digestible. It is known for being a good source of protein because it is very easy to break down. Your body will quickly absorb the protein, which your muscles need in order to repair itself after a long workout.

It acts as an energy booster without relying on significant levels of carbohydrates. This means bodybuilders can use chicken to maintain their lean body instead of eating carbs.

Eight ounces of chicken contains 273 calories. The amount of saturated fat in chicken is also lower compared to beef. Chicken only has 2g of saturated fat, granted that it contains 6g of fat.

Do take note that chicken is at a disadvantage in terms of cholesterol content. Chicken contains 140mg of cholesterol. Chicken also has 423 mg of potassium.

And when it comes to chicken recipes, this protein is very versatile and offers a number of easy ways to make great dishes. For example, check out this recipe for a unique taste:


The Case for Beef

Beef is a bit tougher to digest. But it has other qualities that make it a great choice for your daily source of protein. If you want to achieve and maintain a lean body, beef probably isn’t the best choice for you. But beef does have high levels of creatine and carbohydrates. It’s a good choice for people who want to bulk up.

Beef can help you develop large muscles. Creatine helps in the production of red blood cells. This allows your body to produce lean muscle tissue more easily. Beef is a great choice for those who are struggling to build muscle.

Remember that beef can make your face look puffed up because creatine also causes a bit of water retention. To avoid this side effect, choose grass-fed beef.

Eight ounces of beef contains 349 calories. It contains 7g of saturated fat. It has a lower cholesterol level, with only 113mg. Eight ounces of beef also has much more potassium, with 828mg.

While beef is obviously a versatile ingredient, it takes a little more practice to be able to do a lot of things with it. For a good beef-based recipe for bodybuilding, though, check this one out:

So Which is Better?

One thing is certain, chicken and beef have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Both are excellent sources of protein, and they can help you build muscle without getting fat.

Grass-fed beef can help you gain muscle faster, while chicken is less likely to make you fat. Beef is for bulking up with muscle, and chicken is for getting lean. You should also remember that you don’t have to rely on just one food source. You can mix them up to get the best results—and to make your meals more interesting.

There’s no stopping you from alternative between protein sources. Include them both into your diet regimen. Just work hard, train well, and achieve the body you’ve always wanted!

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