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If you’re a fitness enthusiast or a health expert, there’s a chance that you’ve heard about SARMs before. These are amazing supplements that work for bodybuilders—and just about anyone who needs a boost for their training.

They work like steroids, except they are much, much safer. But despite this reassurance, many people have the very same question: are SARMs legal? It’s not a very flattering image if you’re a product that’s often compared to steroids.

And so today we’re going to set the record straight. On this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.


Are SARMs Legal?

Yes, SARMs are legal.

But most of you won’t just try out a product without knowing what it is. So what exactly are SARMs?

SARMs are also known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. They are therapeutic compounds. They’re supplements that have properties that are similar to anabolic agents. They are also known for having reduced androgenic properties.

So the general perception regarding SARMs is that they are safe and effective alternatives for steroids.

Unlike steroids, they only target muscle and bone cells, giving you the physical boost you need to keep on training. They enhance your strength, stamina, and even give you an energy boost. They also help your body recover more quickly, allowing you to shrug off those muscle and joint pains. This will help you through your intense workouts.

Do remember that you need to use SARMs in moderation. Any substance can cause side effects when misused – even too much water can be dangerous. SARMs are no different. If you want to know whether SARMs are a good fit for you or not, ask your doctor about it. They will also tell you their recommended daily dosage.

So overall, SARMs are like steroids, but without the adverse effects like addiction, hormonal imbalance, and insomnia. Simply put, SARMs can help you unleash your full potential.


Are SARMs NCAA-Sanctioned?

Now here’s what you need to know about SARMs. They are safe, legal, and beneficial. However, they are still technically considered performance enhancers. And so, you cannot use them if you are a professional or student athlete. Good old-fashioned hard work and determination are all you can use if you’re in that industry.

SARMs are not NCAA-Sanctioned. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) also considers them as performance enhancers. SARMs are not allowed in that domain either. In fact, the NCAA classifies it under Anabolic Agents in their list of banned substances.

All anabolic agents are banned by the NCAA. Even though SARMs aren’t named in particular (there is no complete list of banned substances, after all), they still contain certain banned ingredients such as ostarine (which can be found in our Ostarine MK 2866).

But if you’re not participating in sporting events, and you simply want to boost your physical performance, then by all means, go for them. Talk to your doctor today about SARMs and the recommended daily dosage!


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