Will SARMs Shut you Down?

Although some people don’t even know about Sarms and its effects, this muscle building formula has become super famous in the past few years. First things first, what are SARMs and what exactly are they used for? Well, SARMs is the abbreviation for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. SARMs were specifically designed as an alternative solution to the ailments such as obesity and muscle wasting disease. The function of SARMs is almost similar to the anabolic steroids. SARMs bind to some of the androgen receptors and do not affect the other organs in your body in any way. Yes, that’s true! Unlike steroids that come with a plethora of side effects, SARMs is considered a promising solution.

The Potential of SARMs

The surprising fact is SARMs were initially designed as a treatment to certain health conditions such as cancer and muscle wastage disease in older people. The manufacturers designed this formula in the hope that it would work as a better alternative to testosterone replacement therapy. Later on, the real potential of this drug was discovered when certain tests were conducted. It was discovered that SARMs were not only beneficial for treating certain medical conditions, but these testosterone therapy replacement alternative were found effective in increasing appetite, replacing hormones, improve joint and bone health, and alleviating the muscle wasting symptoms.

Today, hundreds of thousands of bodybuilders and athletes prefer to use SARMs rather than steroids to improve their muscle mass, get rid of fat, boost strength, and enhance their physical look. However, there have been a lot of controversies going on regarding the use of SARMs and its harmful effect on human's health. Since SARMs bind to only some selected androgen receptors, it is highly unlikely that it will lead to side effects. Hence, it is safe to say that SARMs is a great alternative to Steroids.

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