The Most Anabolic Weight Lifting Exercises -

As an athlete or bodybuilder, anabolic training is a concept you’ve probably heard of before. But not many people know exactly what it is. Today we’re going to discuss anabolic weight lifting, and some of the workouts that you should try under this type of training regimen.


Anabolic training involves overloading certain muscle groups in order to allow relevant hormones to get in and do their job. This way, your muscles grow as you rest in between workout periods. Basically, anabolic training is just another term for strength training.

Strength training comes in different forms. You can get it from heavy-duty occupations like construction work. But at the gym, you can also try free weights and resistance machines.

After a heavy workout, you can try to replenish and rebuild those tired muscles by eating meals that are rich in protein and other nutrients.


Anabolic Exercise vs. Catabolic Exercise

So what’s the difference between anabolic and catabolic exercise? If anabolic is all about building muscles, catabolic exercises are all about breaking them down. The reason people choose one over the other is because everyone has different fitness goals.

Catabolic exercises are great for breaking down muscle through strenuous workouts like marathons. After a long duration exercise, the body does not receive the right nutrients to replenish the cells. It allows the body to break down muscle and convert it into energy.

Now, here are some of the best anabolic weight lifting exercises that you can try, if your goal is to build muscle.


Bench Press

Bench press works great for building the chest. Just make sure to do it in proper form so you can get the most out of this move. Do not drop the weight on your chest, do not lift your butt as you do it, and do not squirm on the bench.

If you’re finding it too difficult to do a proper bench press, you are probably loading too much weight. Choose the right weight, carefully lower it down to your chest, and then push up slightly to get into the groove.



Never skip leg day—that’s what they always say. And if you’re going to do leg day, you better do it right. When it comes to squats, technique is everything. Arch your back from the moment you pick the weight up, and until you put it back on the rack. Keep your head back during this movement to maintain proper form.



An excellent move for increasing overall strength and building thickness in the back, deadlifts can be done any time during the workout. Do it later in the workout once you’ve warmed up, or do it first thing during the session, so you still have lots of energy. It’s up to you.

Deadlifting not only works your lower and mid-back muscles, it also pulls a few leg muscles as well.

Incorporate these three exercises into your workout session, and then follow it up with a protein-rich meal. You’ll be building big and strong muscles in no time. And to make your workouts as legally efficient as possible, give Olympic Labz’ SARMs LGD 4033 a try.

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