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While we often talk about how effective SARMs are for getting fit, women will still need to dedicate time and energy to working out. If you’re not sure where to start, the following YouTube channels offer excellent instruction perfect for many women.

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Top 5 YouTube Channels for Girls

1. Blogilates

Speaking of humor, Blogilates is a great fitness channel for women, mainly because of the free-spirited host Cassey Ho. She is pleasantly encouraging, and you’ll have to wonder how she can keep smiling throughout her killer workouts. You may be wincing out of muscle soreness, but this channel will keep your mood up.

2. Emily Duncan

Emily Duncan is great for those who want to train to become stronger. She’s a dedicated bodybuilder, meaning she’s got a lot of experience which she can share with you. She maintains an upbeat personality while lifting very heavy weights. Again, this is one channel that might require you to go to the gym. But at least you’ll know exactly what to do once you’re there.

3. BodyFit by Amy

For quick and easy workouts, BodyFit by Amy is the perfect resource. This way, you can either get your blood rushing before a long day at work, or you can dedicate more time to building strength and endurance. She has no equipment workout videos, and ones that feature simple equipment like dumbbells and kettlebells.

4. Yoga With Adriene

If you want to take it slow for a while and still be fit, Yoga with Adriene is a great choice. She’s all about finding “what feels good” and doing just that. Her videos focus on weight loss through sweat-inducing poses. Her words are calming and encouraging, helping you find your inner peace.


And once again, a humorous channel makes it on the list. What’s great about YouTube is that it also entertains you while you’re working out. XHIT knows how to work that combination. You can try watching “Beyoncé butt workout” or “How to get legs like Jennifer Lawrence”.


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