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“If you’re not gaining muscle, you’re not eating enough.” At least, that’s what people often say to beginners. The advice has some good intentions – and it has a bit of truth to it. But this can be misleading if not done right. For this advice to be effective, you need to look at the whole picture.

Diet goes hand in hand with exercise. If you want to gain muscle, you need to be doing both—and you need to be doing them correctly. Just like how you can’t expect to gain weight by simply working out, you can’t do that either if you’re just eating uncontrollably.

Remember, working out is only half the battle. You also need to eat healthy and get enough nutrients in your system.

Here are three simple tips you can follow if you want to gain muscle without getting fat.


1. Find Out About Clean Bulking—and Use it

Some people eat a ton of food and then suddenly go on a diet. That’s their way of bulking up. But clean bulking is easier and safer—your body will thank you for it. Clean bulking isn’t about eating excessively but rather eating enough.

Don’t just focus on proteins. We know they’re good for you because they help build muscle, but your body needs other nutrients in order to grow. And try other protein sources like salmon, eggs, and nuts—don’t just focus on chicken recipes and beef dishes.

The principle isn’t to eat a lot, but to eat right. Take your weight, multiply it by 16, and consume that amount of calories per day. To bulk up, gradually add 200 calories per week until you start seeing some changes.

Let go of the processed foods. This will help you avoid getting fat.


2. Workout the Right Way

We need to break down muscle and fat in order to build it back up stronger. For your workouts, you can aim anywhere from 8 to 15 reps per set. Your muscles need enough stress before they can be “refueled” with your food choices, which is also good for your heart.

To build your muscles up, you need to break down the unwanted stuff in your body. Do some cardio to get rid of that excess fat. You can try jogging, dancing, or active sports.

One effective technique is to finish your regular set to failure, and then lift weights that are a bit lighter. This is called a drop set. Do as many additional reps as you can to encourage faster growth.


3. Get Some More Sleep

You don’t need to eat a lot—but you do need more rest. We spend so much time working that we barely get enough sleep. We should be sleeping 8 hours a night. Not only does it replenish your energy and help you grow, it also feels good.

If your schedule is too hectic, try heading to bed earlier so you can complete the 8 hours. Muscles grow when you’re at rest, not when you’re working out. The body also releases lots of human growth hormone during sleep. With it, you can quickly develop the muscles you’ve always wanted.


Keep these tips in mind, and supplement your workouts with our mass-building SARMs Andarine S4 and you can start bulk up without getting fat!

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